use a laser for imaging, diagnosis, and treatment

Québec’s photonics industry is made up of several very creative companies. Genia Photonics, located in LaSalle, is one of the young companies whose innovative products have helped it stand out from the rest. Genia Photonics designs, develops, builds, and markets a new generation of fibre optic pulsed lasers—products using patented technology that are distinguished by their adjustable parameters and their low operational costs. The use of Genia’s synchronized programmable laser is particularly effective in the medical field. Its multifunctional capabilities allow it to quickly alternate between imaging, diagnostic, and treatment modes. A doctor can visualize, diagnose, and remove a cancerous tumour with the same laser system. But Genia Photonics’ innovations can also be used in the defence, aeronautics, environmental, and industrial communities. It therefore comes as no surprise that Genia Photonics’ work has been enjoying industry recognition! The company was a 2010 finalist in the “Life Sciences and Biophotonics” category at the prestigious Prism Awards for photonics innovation, an international competition that rewards outstanding photonics products.